Weiner and Abedin Move Divorce Settlement Talks Out of Public Eye

New York Post

The long-suffering Abedin was scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday for a compliance conference in their contested divorce — but instead, one of her lawyers submitted paperwork signed by Abedin and Weiner agreeing to end the case, the Post reported, citing an unnamed court source.

The judge announced the case was “discontinued.”

“In order to ensure the proceedings have a minimal impact on their child, the parties have decided to attempt to reach a settlement swiftly and privately,” Abedin’s lawyer, Charles Miller, told the Post.

A family law expert said Abedin and Weiner would still have to file for divorce in court if they want their settlement to be legally binding.

Abedin filed for divorce last May just hours after Weiner, a former New York congressman, pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor, a crime for which he is now serving two years behind bars in a Massachusetts federal prison.