The 29-year-old Tennessee man who wrestled an assault rifle from the shooter during a Waffle House rampage last month said Saturday that he had not yet heard from President Donald Trump.

“At this time, I haven’t heard anything — but that’s not to say he didn’t try to contact me or not,” James Shaw Jr. told Van Jones on CNN. “I haven’t heard anything.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday the administration had reached out to arrange a possible meeting between Trump and Shaw.

“I know he has a busy agenda, busy schedule,” Shaw said. “Maybe he just hasn’t got around to me.

“Maybe my time is coming.

“It’s not for me to judge really what he does,” he added. “I did what I did — and I didn’t really do it for recognition.

“Just to save my life, honestly,” Shaw said.

Shaw wrestled an AR-15 assault rifle from Travis Reinking, 29, in the April 22 rampage at a Waffle House in Nashville, preventing further bloodshed. Reinking killed four people and injured three. 

Shaw immediately set up a GoFundMe page for the shooting victims and their families. He has raised more than $226,000 so far.

Vice President Mike Pence called Shaw “an American hero” on Twitter last month — and Tennessee legislators recognized him for his bravery.

“I wanted to help out,” Shaw said of the GoFundMe effort. “I know that the money is not going to do anything for the actual loss of life.

“But it can be a gesture just to help the families try to get through this tough time.”

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