The United States has hit a 40-year-low in its fertility rate, with only about 1.76 births per woman for the 2017 provisional estimate, according to numbers released on Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This marks a sharp decline in a fertility rate that was at 2.08 children in 2007, according to the Institute for Family Studies.

Fertility has fallen the most for the youngest women since 2007, but in the last year, declines were also registered for women in their 30s as well.

This appears to indicate a decrease in fertility rates is about much more than just postponed fertility, according to the Institute for Family Studies.

The report also showed “In terms of change in age-adjusted fertility, the sharpest declines in births have been in Arizona, where fertility has fallen from 2.47 births per woman in 2007, to an estimated 1.81 in 2017.”

North Dakota was the only state in the nation to have an increase in births.

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