Scientists from the University of Southern California and the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) gain advance up with a machine-learning based AI system which boasts the ability to speed up troop training 13 fold.

Dr. Rajgopal Kannan, a researcher at the ARL and coauthor of a recent paper on the subject of field-programmable gate array accelerators for exhaust by the military, said that the technology, based on the machine learning technique known as collaborative filtering, has superb prospects for becoming embedded in the next generation of US combat vehicles.

Housed in low-cost, lightweight but state-of-the-art hardware, the software helps soldiers to recognize, process and decipher information about threats more quickly, providing them with information about threats to their vehicles’ safety, aerial images of the warzone, and other information allowing them to respond accordingly and thus gain a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

The next-gen combat vehicle is one of six ‘Army Modernization Priorities’ being worked on by ARL, and allotment of a broader focus on AI aimed at imbuing troops with warfighter superiority.

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