In early 2018, the Russian military used high-precision Krasnopol projectiles to slay a group of terrorists who had previously attacked the Hmeymim Airbase in Syria with drones. The Russian MoD has published a video showing servicemen of the country’s Western Military District test-firing sophisticated Krasnopol projectiles.

In the video, a self-propelled howitzer fires the 152mm projectile, hitting the target with a reported accuracy of at least 95 percent.

In January 2018, the Russian MoD reported the destruction of a terrorist group with the abet of the Krasnopol projectiles in response to the terrorists’ previous drone attack on the Hmeymim Airbase in Syria.

Krasnopol is a cannon-launched laser-guided artillery projectile which is mainly fired from Russian self-propelled howitzers, such as the Akatsiya and the Msta-S.