Train Your Brain: Having What it Takes To Be a British Astronaut


ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Tim Peake seen during his first spacewalk (Photo: NASA)

The book also includes some “brain teasers” which the astronaut said were part of his selection test to qualify for the ESA. Tim Peak recently posted it on his Facebook page.

The conundrum features an open cube with a dot on its bottom. The test-takers are challenged to mentally roll it in many different directions and answer where the dot will end up. The spacewalker posted the answer the following day which congratulated “all those who said it ended up on the bottom of the cube.”

The post was viewed by two thousand people and got almost one thousand re-posts. Many users replied to the astronaut, proving that they are not that easy to trick.

“If the question states the dot is on the bottom of the cube, the dot will surely always stay on the bottom of the cube, regardless of the cube’s rotation,” said one of the users, named Sarah McCarthy.