Snacks and other items may be part of security screenings at airports, CBS 4 in Denver reported.

Screening at security is becoming more strict, but there are no changes to what fliers are allowed to carry on to the plane, the report said.

The TSA said in a March tweet that there was no new policy regarding food screening.

“However, removing these items may assist our officers in getting a clearer view of the bag,” the TSA said in the tweet.

TSA officers may suggest that passengers take select items such as snacks out of their carry-on bags for security checks, the report said.

Fliers de-cluttering carry-on bags could help the process go faster and allow TSA to get clearer x-ray images, the report said.

“I think that screening snacks seems a little pointless,” a traveler at Denver International Airport said in the report.

“I don’t really know what they would be looking for. You’re just going to be putting a lot more in bins and causing more traffic. I think it would be a lot slower,” a woman heading for the security checkpoint said in the report.

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