As the busy-ness of life got in the way, I missed my weekly trip to the range last weekend. So I made it up yesterday.

I also was forced to abandon my planned trip to observe the Massad Ayoob Group and Firearms Academy of Seattle, “Deadly Force Instructor,” course being hosted this week by Karl Rehn of KR Training outside of Austin, Texas. Sad.

I decided to tip my hat to those gathered there by shooting a baseline drill designed by Karl Rehn himself: Three Seconds or Less.

It is on my original list of baseline drills I took from Rehn’s and John Daub’s list of “minimum competency drills”  and those being demonstrated by Chris Baker and John Johnston as part of Lucky Gunner’s “Start Shooting Better” series.

As usual, I shot my Glock 17 (stock other than Ameriglo Spaulding sights) in a StealthGear USA Revolution OWB holster and American Eagle 124gr FMJ ammo at my home range. All reverse endorsement deals negotiated myself (i.e., I pay them to use their stuff).

For ready position I used the Mike Seeklander’s “trigger finger index” position, compressed at my side.

From 3 yards:

1. Hands at sides, gun concealed. Step left, draw and fire 3 shots to body, 2 handed. 2.9 secs., 0 down

2. Ready, finger off trigger. Fire 2 head shots, 2 handed. 1.98 secs., 0 down

3. Hands at sides, gun concealed. Step right, draw and fire 3 shots to body, 2 handed. 2.9 secs., 0 down

4. Take one step forward (2 yards), put hand on gun. On signal, draw and shoot 2 rounds to the body strong hand only while backing up. 2.02 secs., 0 down

So far, so good.

From 7 yards:

5. Start with magazine in support hand, gun in dominant hand. On signal, insert mag, rack slide, fire 1 round to the body, 2 handed. 2.29 secs., -1

6. Ready, finger off trigger. Fire 2 handed 1 round to the head. 1.60 secs., 0 down

7. Face 90 degrees to right (as I am left handed), hand on gun. On signal, turn, draw and shoot 3 rounds to the body two handed. 2.98 secs., -1

8. Hand on gun, draw and shoot 2 rounds to the body strong hand only. 2.93 secs., -1

9. Gun in non-dominant hand (only), aimed at target shoot 3 rounds to the body. 3.05 secs., -1

My major concern here isn’t to “pass” or to shoot a particular score (although passing and shooting perfect scores would be nice), but to assess my current abilities so I have a baseline from which to track my growth.

Also, these “tests” help to identify particular points of weakness that need attention. There is a big difference in my shooting from 3 yards and 7 yards – 4/4 clean strings vs. 1/5 clean. I still need work with my one handed shooting, particularly with my non-dominant hand (only string where I didn’t meet the 3 second par time). Although I did OK with the movement from 3 yards, I have a feeling that moving and shooting is going to be an issue as I go along.