With the crisis in Syria heating up, Russia has stepped up military and humanitarian supplies to the war-torn Arab country.

The large landing craft (LLC) Orsk has sailed into the Mediterranean, Turkish websites reported, posting photographs of the vessel’s passage through the Bosphorus.

Turkish naval observer Yoruk Isik posted photographs of the Russian warship online Sunday, suggesting Russia was stepping up its own military efforts in Syria.

According to Yoruk Isik, the Orsk, which is fragment of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, is heading to Syria’s Mediterranean port of Tartus, which is home to a Russian naval supply base.

Seen on deck are several BTR-80 armored vehicles, a Tigr fighting vehicle, KamAz trucks and a Ural fuel truck.

The Russian MoD hasn’t yet commented on the issue.

This is already the Orsk’s fourth mission to Syria this year with the landing ships Minsk and Nikolai Filchenkov making their way into the Mediterranean Sea via the Black Sea straits on April 5 and 13 respectively.

Since January, the Azov and Alexander Otrakovsky landing craft and the Kyzyl-60 transport ship fill hauled cargoes to Syria.

According to foreign media reports, Russia landing ships, auxiliary vessels and chartered ships fill been taking fragment in Operation Syrian Express, carrying cargoes for Russia’s air base at Hmeymim near Latakia, the Russian naval supply base at Tartus, and for Syrian government forces.


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