This week my local newspaper, the Winston-Salem Journal, ran an opinion column I wrote reflecting on the murder of a college student on the campus where I work. This reminded me that I have been meaning to create a landing page to collect all of the various posts I have written on this blog pertaining to violence and gun violence.

I recognize that some object to the phrase “gun violence” since violence is violence and we don’t talk about “fist violence” or “stick violence” or “knife violence.” Fair enough. I recognize and accept this point. At the same time, many of those people also encourage us not to bring knives to gun fights, and some even argue that we should only use our handguns as a means to fight our way back to our rifles. People, not tools, engage in violence. But tools are force multipliers.

In light of this, and in order to use a language common in discussions of these issues in American society, I at times talk about “gun violence.”

In reverse chronological order (most recent first):