My first experience with the Dot Torture drill revealed definite weaknesses in my one-handed shooting. Which is no surprise because I never shoot one-handed and have no idea how to do so correctly.

Thankfully, Session Two of Mike Seeklander’s American Competitive Shooting Society IDPA Mastery Series One program focuses on one-handed shooting.

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As before, I watched the training and dry fire practice videos provided and then dry-fire practiced (3 times for 5 minutes each) the techniques using my SIRT pistol.

I have often observed instructors advocate canting the gun inward while shooting one handed. Not full gangster one-handed style, but a little over in order to manage recoil better and help with sight alignment.

Rather than canting the gun, Seeklander advocates holding the gun perpendicular as usual, “flagging” the thumb on grip hand (to bring pressure on the back of the gun), bringing the elbow down more in line with the hand and forearm (to get more stability behind the gun), putting more weight on the foot of the gun side (for greater support), and holding the off-hand against the chest and clench that fist (to activate sympathetic response in the gun hand).

The combination of this technique and some dry-fire practice definitely helped my one-handed shooting technique.

Using a Dot Torture target from 3 yards, I alternated between shooting 5 rounds strong hand (targets #1-5 in that order) and 5 rounds weak hand (targets #8, 9, 10, 7, then 6).

The target tells a few stories that I can see. It took me a couple of targets to get comfortable with the Seeklander technique strong handed, but after I did I shot 3 targets (#3-5) clean. Weak hand, I started off as bad as I did the first time I shot Dot Torture, hitting on 1 of 5 tries. From there it was up and down as I tried to get comfortable with the Seeklander technique. One of the lessons learned is that the mental focus and discipline necessary to make a perfect shot every time is extremely difficult. After I shot target #7 clean with my weak hand and target #5 clean with my strong hand, I just bombed on target #6.

Final lesson leaned during this range session: trigger control. is. important.