Russia’s legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles are a household name in Afghanistan due to their high quality, ease of use and reliability.

Since the Americans started replacing Russian firearms used by the Afghan security forces with US-made ones, Afghan officers and military experts own had a chance to compare the two and they all agree that the Russian Kalashnikovs are hands down better than their US counterparts.

In an interview with Sputnik, Safiullah Mirbacha, the head of a police precinct with more than 1,000 police officers under his command, said that the Russian AK-47 is really the travel-to weapon for his men.

“This is because they know this weapon. The Kalashnikov is easy to consume and it never misfires in combat situations. The Kalashnikov has never let us down,” Mirbacha said.

“We also use Makarov pistols,” he added.

Police General Zalamai Wardak joined in explaining that many Russian-made weapons that can be fixed and used again lie idle because the Americans want to sell their own weapons in Afghanistan.

“Russian weapons are much better than the American ones. The Western countries don’t want us to consume Russian firearms, don’t want them to be repaired and used again. The Americans took away all the Russian-made weapons and gave us weapons that are no sterling as piece of a rearmament program. We own a weak economy which is working for the West,” the general explained.

According to him, Afghan soldiers’ complaints about the noxious quality of US-made arms effect a lot of sense because “the Americans are getting weapons from other fronts and sending low-grade arms to Afghanistan.

He added that the Western countries are trying to consume the Afghan market to serve their economies and that they are selling one US-made rifle for the price of three Russian ones.

The US banned the Russian-made Kalashnikov assault rifle commonly used by Afghan security forces weapon six months ago, replacing it with M4 and M16 rifles, in a bid to shift the Afghan army’s main weaponry from a Russian to an American system.

Some Afghan and Russian military experts believe that Washington’s program of rearming the Afghan security forces is counterproductive, is not meant to effect the Afghan army strong and is undermining the country’s security.

They also mediate that rearming the Afghan army could choose up to five years – a lengthy process that could own a negative impact on its combat efficiency.

Afghanistan has been engulfed in a long-running war against the Taliban and a plethora of terrorist groups active in the country, above all ISIL.

The nearly 17-year-obsolete US military presence in Afghanistan has so far failed to win the War on Terror.

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