Even though Mark Anthony Conditt, the 24-year-old man suspected in a series of bombings that terrorized Austin, is dead after blowing himself up with one of his own bombs, it could take another few days to determine if the danger is over, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned Wednesday.

“What we need to do that will take another 24 hours or so is find out whether or not there is anybody else out there working with him,” Abbott told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

“Of course, we need to gather information over the next 24 or 48 hours whether or not there are any other bombs out there that pose a danger to anyone. We caution everyone in the Austin area to be vigilant, to be concerned about any type of package that you may see.”

Scanning devices have been provided to the Austin Police Department that can determine if any packages contain explosives, he added.

Early Wednesday, Conditt blew himself up in his car as police closed in on him, ending the three-week manhunt. Abbott termed the manhunt that led to Conditt as the “quintessential of law enforcement at all levels working together.”

“We’re so grateful they were able to bring to conclusion to at least with regard to the one known bomber,” said Abbott.

However, it is not known if there are more bombs, or where they may be, said Abbott, and it must be ruled out whether anyone else was involved.

When asked if Conditt was a terrorist, Abbott said it’s still not known if he’d had any other motive beyond creating terror, but “clearly there was terrorism that was felt.”

Conditt had two roommates who shared his home in an Austin suburb, and Abbott said they have been talking to law enforcement officials. However, the governor said “venture to say” they’re not yet suspects, but “we are incapable of this point in time to rule out anybody else working in collaboration with him.”

Abbott also said that law enforcement knew for a few days who their suspect likely was, but information needed to be pieced together. However, he said that eventually, Conditt shut down access to his social media accounts, making it more difficult to track him.

“The things he posted in the past before these crimes arose there were no red flags clearly saying this is a guy who will be setting off bombs,” said the governor.

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