A sleek, futuristic-looking boat used by the Navy SEALs will soon power up the Potomac River to Washington, D.C., for an annual maritime event.

According to the Navy Times, the M80 Stiletto is slated to travel to the nation’s capital for the April 9-11 Sea, Air and Space symposium. The 88-foot stealth vessel can reach speeds of 60 knots, which equals about 69 mph.

The Stiletto has five hulls and sits less than three feet below the waterline, which allows it to operate in shallow water. The boat was first launched in 2006 and has been deployed at least once, but it mostly serves as the Navy’s platform to test high-tech advancements.

The Little Creek, Virginia-based boat is powered by four engines and can hold 12 troops, can launch and receive inflatable boats used by SEALs, and has a landing platform for unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Stiletto caused a stir earlier this week when it was docked in a public area in Norfolk, Virginia.

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