Prickly conservative pundit Ann Coulter — and vocal border wall proponent — on Monday called President Donald Trump’s scheduled southern border visit later this week “beyond moronic.”

The trip will follow his primetime Oval Office address Tuesday night.

In a furious tweetstorm, Coulter complained “Trump GOING TO THE BORDER is beyond moronic. Does he need to meet with a cancer patient before deciding to fund cancer research?”

She followed that swipe with a second post that likened the border visit to “politicians who switch positions on gay marriage after talking to a gay person.”

“Did they hate gays before? These are public policy issues, not coffee klatches,” she railed.

In a third post, Coulter asserted “Border Patrol Agents are the LAST people who should be commenting on the need for a wall: ‘What do you think about us installing an inanimate object that can do your job better than you can?'”

In parting shot, Coulter again questioned the trip would accomplish anything meaningful.

“I’ve been to a hospital. That doesn’t make me a doctor,” she sniped.

Coulter has been described as a conservative voice Trump often listens to — particularly on his singular campaign promise: to build a border wall.

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